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Imagine a flexible and scalable sound system. What if you could set up such a solution and control it with your custom dashboard in just a few minutes? It is time for an innovative approach and to make configurations simpler by designing them smarter, so you can do more with fewer products and in less time.

Always keeping ahead of time

Evolving market

We are aware that with the convergence of AV and IT, there is a growing need for more flexible audio solutions without any programming skills needed for most AV setups. It is crucial that large numbers of devices can interact with these solutions simultaneously and that they are communicating safely thanks to encrypted keys.

With an eye on the future

Flexible & scalable

That is why we have designed the Atellio product family with a flexible architecture. A brand-new range of networked audio solutions that is so flexible and easy to use that it can be adapted to any kind of project while its scalability ensures that it can easily meet the changing needs of any environment. Our solutions, which will consist of less hardware, will grow as functions and features are constantly added during the product’s lifecycle.

Total system control

A software based approach

At the heart of it all, you can find AUDAC Touch™, our total system control platform. With AUDAC Touch™, we offer the easiest way to set up a system and create custom user dashboards without even needing a single line of code. By dragging and dropping widgets, a dashboard can be made in a flick of a wrist without complex configuration. However, if you do want to create more comprehensive solutions, you can write tailor-made scripts using LUA scripting.

Centralized processing

Modularity, flexibility, and sustainability were the main criteria when starting the design process and you can see this clearly when you take a closer look at the Atellio product family. You can design a project with a central processing approach by using one of our powerful matrix processors that stands out in terms of ease of installation and great flexibility during use.

Decentralized processing

Yet you no longer must rely on a centralized approach for every solution, as every product is smarter and more powerful than before. As each member of the Atellio family has the necessary signal processing power and unique features, they are perfect for use as a stand-alone solution.

Atellio family

A complete
Smarter stand-
alone solutions
Software based
No complex
Ever expanding
across multiple
AUDAC families
AUDAC technology
Mix & match between product families

Mix & match between product families

Discover endless possibilities with our product families: Atellio, Consenso, and Soveno. Mix and match between these versatile lines to create the perfect and complete audio solution tailored to your needs. Customize your sound experience like never before.

Download AUDAC product family tree

Network sound & control audio processor

Network sound & control audio processor
Network sound & control audio processor

The LUNA is the next-generation audio matrix processor, offering highly flexible and scalable system solutions for audio distribution from medium-sized to large enterprise solutions.

Discover Network sound & control audio processor

Network control panels

Network control panels
Network control panels

A future-proof universal network wall panel controller that has backward compatibility with a lot of existing products. Thanks to the limited PoE power consumption, NCP105 is compatible with any PoE network-based installation.

Discover Network control panels

Network input & output panels

Network input & output panels
Network input & output panels

A series of universal Dante™/AES67 network in- & output wall panels. Highly flexible configuration and ease of controllability.

  • Internal mixing & DSP processing
  • 4-channel Dante™/AES67
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver
Discover Network input & output panels

Network paging microphones

Network paging microphones
Network paging microphones

Dante™/AES67 paging console is a PoE microphone that enables you to make announcements & send commands for triggering functions over the network.

Discover Network paging microphones

Network sound & control expansion

Network sound & control expansion
Network sound & control expansion

Our software-based approach not only pushes us to challenge ourselves for constant improvement of our simplified design and system control platform, AUDAC Touch™, but at the same time results in expansions and hardware-related license opportunities in this platform.

Discover Network sound & control expansion
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