Leeds, United Kingdom

Roxy Lanes

Roxy Ballroom opened a new drinking and bowling site in Leeds called Roxy Lanes which has a trendy and industrial look. Like many of Roxy's venues, it has a complex set-up of areas to cover and trying to time it all always is a real challenge, but not with AUDAC. That is why Roxy Lanes choose again the audio solutions of AUDAC. Located in the iconic Leeds Light, this venue features two bars, ten bowling lanes, pool tables and air hockey, as well as two shuffleboards and curling. Practice your aim on the bowling lanes together with your friends, family and colleagues, experience a good time through great gaming, music, food and drinks. 

Relish the various activities at Roxy Ballroom with an amazing experience of AUDAC’s audio solutions. The place was equipped by AUDIOSERV LTD with a range of VEXO110 10” and VEXO112 12” high-performance 2-way loudspeakers, resulting in an even, seamless coverage with high power and yet very high-fidelity sound production throughout the two-floor building.  Thanks to the optional Clever U bracket, the high-power 2-way cabinet can be placed both horizontally and vertically. An optional 70V/100V line transformer also makes it possible to use the VEXO series in 70V or 100V systems.

In addition, 4 BASO15 15” and 2 BASO18 18” compact bass reflex cabinets were also installed to provide a powerful and ultimate experience during your bowling game, delivering the low frequencies. The 10 bowling lanes and the curling area are covered by the VEXO112 12” high-performance 2-way loudspeakers and additional BASO15 15” and BASO18 18” compact bass-reflex cabinets. With the BASO and VEXO series, you can easily switch between enjoyable background music during your dinner and some fiercer beats later in the evening, bringing out your competitive spirit during the games.

2 XENO8 full range speakers 8”, specially designed for fixed audio installations, were installed at Roxy Lanes to cover the stairs area with clear and suiting background music. Thanks to the sleek and elegant design, the XENO8 blends into the trendy and industrial interior.

Lastly, the toilets haven't been forgotten and were treated to a single ATEO 4 wall speaker with CleverMount™ 4" in each restroom. The ATEO 4 wall speaker with CleverMount™ 4" delivers great sound and is easy to install in any way thanks to the CleverMount™ technology, which merges the loudspeaker cabinet with the mounting bracket for a good-looking entity. 

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