Nuenen , the Netherlands

Nuenens college

The students and teachers of the Nuenens College secondary school in Nuenen, the Netherlands recently moved to a brand new building. This new building has a compact design and consists of two floors with a double-height entrance. The traditional auditorium has been replaced by a lively practice square. The square also offers sufficient opportunities to meet in large and small groups. Spaces can be cleverly connected. You can discuss, pause and study in the niches and seating areas that can be found throughout the building.

The Nuenens college was looking for a versatile and easy-to-use audio system. Dutch installer AVplus suggested and installed a full AUDAC installation for the occasion. They have chosen to keep the system as compact as possible by using the NOBA8 bass cabinet. 8 ATEO6 are used to offer good speech clarity during presentations and because of their clever design they blend nicely into the interior. The NOBA8 and ATEO6 are powered by a PRE116 6 channel stereo preamplifier with Bluetooth functionality. 

The gym is used by students of all years. In addition to the regular sports activities, drama, music and theatre lessons are also organised in this area. It was therefore important that the sound system can be used by all teachers in a simple way. With this brand new AUDAC installation only a few actions are needed to provide the room with the right background music and instructing larger groups of students..

The practice square, with a surface area similar to an auditorium, was one of the most difficult spaces to design when it comes to sound coverage. The height of the room creates a lot of echoes and makes speech often quickly unintelligible when many students are present. To solve this problem they have spread the boxes throughout the space. This both in the height and in the length of the room. This allows the sound to be amplified at a lower volume and the spread of the loudspeakers ensures that it is clearly understood at any point in the room.

Through the complete AUDAC setup, the school is now suited with all the technologies necessary for enabling the students to develop themselves in the right atmosphere.

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