Audio installations that will truly make your house feel like home

Simplify relaxation

Home sweet home is not just an expression, the home environment can do wonders when it comes to relaxation and destressing.

With the help of a pristine audio installation, relieving stress will be a piece of cake.

Why is sound important?

Residential - improved night's sleeps

Research by "The British academy of sound therapy" showed that 82% of the respondents experienced better night sleeps after listening to only 13 minutes of music for relaxation.


Residential - minds get cleared

This study by "The British academy of sound therapy" shows that audio plays an important role in a person's well-being. The mental health is massively boosted by listening to music even in short periods. 81% of the respondents felt their minds were cleared after just 13 minutes of listening to music.


Foster your well-being

Create the most beautiful memories with audio

No one can take away beautiful memories.

Most memories with friends and family are created at home. The audio installations of AUDAC, make it possible to make these memories with your loved ones even more tangible and memorable.


Custom project?

Are you looking for advice on a custom audio project? Feel free to contact and challenge us to provide you with a complete AUDAC solution. With local partnerships in over 82 countries we are always able to provide you with the most suitable solutions. Receive your custom quote within 5 days.
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    "The best memories become more vivid!"

    "All the best memories with friends and family are now even more vivid thanks to our AUDAC audio system."
    - Private owner | South Africa (ZA)
Inspired by sound

Why choose AUDAC?

Blend in
Blend in

With their modern and elegant look, the ATEO wall loudspeakers fit perfectly into different types of architecture.

User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface

The AUDAC Touch™ application provides easy control of your audio installation and all installed third-party devices in your home from any mobile device.


The sound quality of the AUDAC loudspeakers provides pristine audio that will boost your wellbeing.

Sound quality is crucial

Sound quality is crucial

In addition to the types of music, the quality of your sound system is equally important. That's why it's vital to look for a high-quality, easy-to-use audio installation.

With AUDAC's scalable innovative solutions, you transform your house into a home. It is our mission to offer unique and above all reliable applications that contribute to your well-being.

Prefer not to waste time compiling playlists? No problem, we have set up collaborations with professional streaming services such as SoundTrack Your Brand to offer tailored-made playlists so you can start relaxing whenever you want.

In collaboration with

We work with the biggest brands in our sectors to help them reach their target audience, achieve their goals and become even more the most recognized brand they are today.

Here are just a few of them:

In collaboration with

AUDAC Touch™

Simplified design, management & system control platform

AUDAC Touch™ - Simplified design, management & system control platform

AUDAC strongly believes in out-of-your-pocket controllable audio solutions and further establishes its progressive position by developing the AUDAC Touch™ simplified design, management & system control platform. Using this freely available solution, application-specific dashboards can be created and customized, allowing the control of multiple devices from one single application.

Get started. It's free!
AUDAC Touch™ - Supported operating systems
Welcome your guests into your home with the right atmosphere at any time. Changing the mood has never been easier with the AUDAC Touch™ application.
A qualitative sound system ensures that a daily activity such as cooking becomes a stress-reducing activity.
Divide all the rooms into different audio zones, which allows the different residents to play their preferred audio thanks to the usage of the unique SourceCon™ Technology modules. The large variety of these modules and extensive configuration possibilities make it possible to guarantee flexible combinations for every application.
There are only 13 minutes of music needed to increase your focus massively. A high-quality AUDAC solution provides the best audio quality which will help you enhance your concentration and be more productive when working in your home office.
Download the AUDAC Touch™ application to control not only your audio installation, but also your third party devices such as lights, curtains, air conditioning an much more. The application can therefore be used as a real home automation application.
The ideal sound system complements your current interior. The AUDAC loudspeaker assortment is characterized by their unique and innovative design and can blend into any style of architecture.

The journey continues

The journey of AUDAC all began when a young Patrick Van de Sande who at the age of 6 was triggered by a technician that came in and repaired his parent’s television. Watching the technician bring back the broken television to life left a huge impression on Patrick and soon he was tinkering and playing with all electrical devices he could get his hand on.

What started as a hobby for Patrick Van de Sande grew into an international brand that pays great attention to innovation. After all these years we still believe in the same foundations that have formed us.

Our building blocks

Core values

Driven by
The essence
of design
Listening to
our partners
Thinking in
and simplicity
A true sound
One team one dream

Inspired by sound

It is what we experience through the senses that makes life meaningful. In fact, it can be said that through the qualities in speech and music we experience, we become familiar with the higher values of life.

This is just one of the reasons why at AUDAC you will find a passion for sound. Each speaker, audio matrix or amplifier solution we develop expresses that same inspiration and quality that exceeds users’ expectations, making it no coincidence our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.

Innovation is key

Always ahead of time

It’s not just about the innovation of better products, it’s about creating an experience. That’s why we gather exceptional talent with various beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds, but we all share one common dream: changing audio for the better. Just one example of this dedication must be the development of the world’s first web-based matrix, which rocked the audio world, forever strengthening our vision of launching inspiring products and ensuring quality comes first.

Why not try it yourself?

Experience the difference

Providing the best value and service together with the ability to listen to the needs of their partners has led to the fact that many distributors around the world selected AUDAC as their main audio brand.

To further enhance these relationships in 2013 the brand built the AUDAC Experience Center in. The main purpose of this new state-of-the-art building is to let distributors and end-users experience the products in a unique environment. Besides several listening and demonstration areas, it also includes training areas inside the complex to educate our partners on a regular basis.

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Looking for the right solutions

Small or big. Custom project?

Are you looking for advice on a custom audio project? Feel free to contact and challenge us to provide you with a complete AUDAC solution. With local partnerships in over 82 countries we are always able to provide you with the most suitable solutions.

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